Photo & Data Recovery Service

Get Back Lost Photos & Data

Don't Panic!

To give your photos and data the best chance of being restored and brought back to you:

  • Keep Calm
  • Do not use or access the memory card, hard drive, computer, or USB drive your photos were lost on if at all possible
  • Do not take any more photos
  • Click here to get in touch with BadgerScreen to find out how we can help

We Can Help

Don't assume they're gone! Chances are your photos can be returned even if the memory card, or drive, they were on has since been formatted.

We offer a friendly service free from technical jargon. We understand that losing photos can be traumatic and online searches can result in daunting advise and offers of expensive software which may, or may not, help.

At BadgerScreen we use a range of tools and techniques to attempt to recovery as many otherwise lost photos as possible - you might be surprised as how much we can bring back from the brink!

Our standard service comes with a no-photos no-fee policy. If we are unable to get any photos back for you we will waive our charge*.

Let's Talk Numbers

unfortunately we do need to charge for our services so here's an honest breakdown of prices:

  • Standard
  • Our standard service for when you need photos or data back but not urgently
  • Order / Enquire
  • Remote by Web
  • Our service conducted on your own Computer / Laptop via the web
  • Order / Enquire
  • Express
  • For when you need your photos or data
    back in a hurry
  • Order / Enquire
  • Remote by Mail
  • Our service conducted by post - send your card and we send it back
  • Order / Enquire
  • Business Subscription
  • Our subscription service gives you the assurance of regular access to our data recovery service for your business needs
  • Order / Enquire

* Express services are excluded from this offer and will still be chargable. Postage when using our Remote by Mail service will still be chargable.