Web Repair Service

Making The Uneditable... Editable!

You may have an existing website with information and wording that's out of date or could just do with a refresh. If your website is a 'static' site (no 'back-end' to log into to make changes) this would normally require contacting (and paying) your web design company or a freelancer to make the changes every time. We can help.

Our BadgerSett software can be fitted to most existing websites and will allow you to securely, and easily, edit the content of your own website. No difficult, hard to understand, code and no unfamiliar interfaces. Simply click the text in you website you want to change and type as if you were editing a Word document! Once saved, the changes will be backed up and applied to your website immediately.

You can take our word for this - we use BadgerSett ourselves on this very website!

It's Like CPR For Your Website

We understand your website is valuable to you and your business and that it can be infurating when you're not getting the best from it. If your website has become broken, out dated, or needs an over-haul and update with new features and facilities we can help.

We are experts at tracking down problems with, and improving, existing websites. Whether you need something fixed, improved, or added our friendly, jargon-free, consultancy will ensure you get what you exactly need.

Examples of where we can help:

  • Fixing website that do not function or look broken
  • Fixing browser compatibility problems
    (website looking wrong in different web browsers)
  • Fixing and amending contact forms and pages
  • Adding contact forms
  • Adding functionality
    (like a blog, appointment booking form, events calendar, etc)
If you would like to discuss how we can help please drop us a (no obligation, of course) line.